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SOCIAL STATISTICSSOCIAL STATISTICS - 02/10/2007 - h4 align="center"fontfont face="Times New Roman"HOUSEHOLD BUDGET SURVEY/font/font/h4h4 align="center" font size="2" face="Times New Roman"TOTAL HOUSEHOLDS' INCOME BYSOURCE FOR JULY 2006 AND 2007/font /h4 table width="5... read more
Types of Tourism in BulgariaTypes of Tourism in Bulgaria - 28/09/2007 - h2Rural tourism/h2Bulgaria has a unique geographical location in the far Southeast corner of Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. The territory of the country is rather small only 111 000 km but it is situated at the crossroa... read more
 Tourism diversity Tourism diversity - 27/09/2007 - h2Cultural tours/h2Bulgaria has an area of 110 993 sq km and occupies the northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula, having a varied terrain and mild continental climate.To the north is Romania, to the west are the Repub... read more
Golf in BulgariaGolf in Bulgaria - 02/08/2007 - font class="content"As the property market has matured in Bulgaria over the last couple of years it was only natural that, following the ‘Spanish’ model, golf courses would become the next big thing. It would appear this... read more
Health Tourism - A guide to the more important health and spa centres in Bulgaria.Health Tourism - A guide to the more important health and spa centres in Bulgaria. - 31/07/2007 - p align="justify"font class="content"Bulgaria abounds in hydrothermal resources, unique in composition (over 600 mineral springs with temperatures between 10 C and 102 C) and known for their curative properties even in... read more
Local GovernmentLocal Government - 11/07/2007 - ?The structure of Bulgarian municipalities explained.font class="content"/fontfont class="content"The rights and obligations of the local authorities are defined in the Local Self-Government and Local Administration Act... read more
GovedartsiGovedartsi - 25/06/2007 - The village of Govedartsi stands 1100 meters above sea level and is situated in the front part of the National park "Rila Mountain", with a population of about 1900 people. It is located 66 km in south of Sofi... read more
ChepelareChepelare - 20/06/2007 - The town of Chepelare is situated on the two banks of Chepelaska River, at the southeast foot of Chernatitsa area in the Rhodope Mountain. It stands 1120 m above sea level, with population of about 6000. It’s located 220... read more
UzanaUzana - 19/06/2007 - The resort area Uzana is a huge meadow, standing at 1420 meters altitude, at the foot of the Ispolin summit in the Balkan range. It is located 20 km away from Gabrovo and is declared the geographical center of Bulgaria.... read more
VitoshaVitosha - 18/06/2007 - It is a mountain massif near the capital Sofia, and is one of its symbols. The highest summit of Cherni vryh – 2290 m high, rises above Sofia hollow in the central part of the mountain. It is famous for the Moreni- an a... read more
DobrinishteDobrinishte - 15/06/2007 - The village of Dobrinishte is situated in the southeast part of the Razlog valley, at the foot of the Pirin mountains, and it stands at 810 meters altitude. It is surrounded by Pirin, Rila and Rhodope Mountains. The vi... read more
PamporovoPamporovo - 14/06/2007 - Pamporovo is an alpine resort, nestling in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains. Winter is long and open and summer is cool and fresh. Pamporovo is situated at a distance of 260 km from the capital Sofia, 85 km from Plovd... read more
SemkovoSemkovo - 11/06/2007 - 17 km to the north of the town of Belitsa is situated the Semkovo mountain resort. It’s situated south of the main ridges of the Rila Mountains, nestling in a wide field among pine forests. There are numerous hotels, h... read more
BorovetsBorovets - 08/06/2007 - Borovets is the biggest mountain resort in Bulgaria. It’s situated at 1350 meters altitude, at the foot of the summit called Musala – 2925 m above sea level. It’s located 11 km away from Samokov, 75 km away from Sofia a... read more
MalyovitsaMalyovitsa - 01/06/2007 - The Malyovitsa resort is situated in the northeast part of the Rila Mountain. It’s located 39 km away from the Borovets resort and 14 km from the village of Govedartsi. Malyovitsa is a perfect place for tourism and alp... read more
BanskoBansko - 31/05/2007 - The Bansko city is situated at the foot of the north-eastern part of the Pirin Mountains and it is 925 m above sea level. The population is about 9 500 people. It`s 6 km south of Razlog, 60 km south-east of Blagoevgrad ... read more
SarafovoSarafovo - 30/05/2007 - Sarafovo is a quarter of Bourgas, famous for its beautiful houses. It lies on the sea shore and there is a splendid view of the Bay of Bourgas. The quarter is in immediate proximity of the Bourgas airport and is preffer... read more
KraimorieKraimorie - 29/05/2007 - Kraimorie is a small tourist village, which is only 10km in south of Bourgas and 20km northwest of Sozopol. Tourists could put up in two- and three- storeyed houses, converted into comfortable small hotels. The beach str... read more
VarvaraVarvara - 28/05/2007 - The Varvara village is situated on the seashore, at the foot of the Papia peak. Today it has 250 residents and is 9 km away from Tsarevo. Immigrants from the big east Thrace village, called Yatrus, first inhabited the a... read more
LozenetsLozenets - 25/05/2007 - The resort village Lozenets is situated between Kiten and Tsarevo, at a distance of 60 km from Bourgas and 10 km from Primosko. Most houses are two- and three- storey and they have been turned into comfortable hotels o... read more
KavatsiteKavatsite - 24/05/2007 - 4 km to the south of Sozopol is situated the resort complex "Kavatsite". It is located on the seashore and spreads to the Agalina cape. The complex has wonderful beach strip, many hotels and villas. The view ... read more
NesseburNessebur - 22/05/2007 - Nessebur has about 9 500 habitants. It is a lovely picturesque place situated on a small rocky peninsula and linked to the mainland by a narrow neck of land, 400 m long. The town is located 36 km northeast of Bourgas ... read more
RezovoRezovo - 21/05/2007 - The village of Rezovo is situated 15 km south of Ahtopol, just at the mouth of the Rezovo River that marks Bulgaria`s natural boundary with Turkey. The village is the furthest southern settlement along the Bulgarian Bl... read more
SinemoretsSinemorets - 18/05/2007 - The village of Sinemorets lies on a peninsula, south of the mouth of the Veleka River. It is situated 20 km to the south of Tzarevo and 6 km of Ahtopol. The first record of a settlemant place dates back to 1498. Then it... read more
DuniDuni - 17/05/2007 - Duni is a holiday village situated 40 km south of Bourgas and 7 km from the ancient part of Sozopol. It is designed by Bulgarian architects but the Austrian company ROGNER constructed it in 1987. It’s situated on the s... read more
Sunny beachSunny beach - 16/05/2007 - Sunny beach resort is situated on the coast of a bay and is 35 km northeast of Bourgas and 100 km south of Varna. The forest which surrounds the resort and the breeze make the days and the nights notably fresh and pleas... read more
TsarevoTsarevo - 11/05/2007 - The town of Tsarevo lies over two small peninsulas, bordering a beautiful creek. The resort is situated 70 km southeast of Bourgas and 17 km from Primosko. In the past it was known as Vassiliko and Michurin. Remains of... read more
AhtopolAhtopol - 10/05/2007 - The town of Ahtopol, situated on a rocky peninsula, is 16 km distant from Tzarevo. First there was an ancient Thracian settlement on this place. After that Romans built up a fortress, and Byzantintines gave it the name... read more
SozopolSozopol - 09/05/2007 - In the furthest southern part of the Bourgas Bay, at a distance of 34 km from Bourgas is situated the most ancient Bulgarian Black Sea town- Sozopol. It lies on a picturesque rocky peninsula and is one of the most roman... read more
Saint VlasSaint Vlas - 08/05/2007 - 10 km away from the town of Nessebur is situated the “St. Vlas” village with population of about 3 000 people. Its location is very picturesque. Sheltered in the southern sides of the Balkan Mountains on the seashore, i... read more
AheloyAheloy - 07/05/2007 - South of Nessebar runs a river called Aheloy. By the shores of this river is situated a village named Aheloy. It’s 3 km distant from the Ravda village and 6 km distant from Sunny Beach and Nessebar. In This area, in Au... read more
KitenKiten - 04/05/2007 - The village of Kiten is situated in a peninsula, surrounded by two magnificent bays. The population is of about 900 people and the village is located 55 km to the south of Bourgas city, 3 km south of Primorsko. Kiten ha... read more
PomoriePomorie - 02/05/2007 - 18 km to the south of Nessebur, 18 km to the northeast of Bourgas, 408 km to the east of Sofia is located the sea resort Pomorie, numbering 14 500 habitants. It is situated on a narrow and rocky peninsula, bordered by t... read more
EleniteElenite - 27/04/2007 - The holiday village Elenite is situated in a picturesque bay on the Black Sea coast. Elenite is situated 7 km northeast of the resort Sunny beach and 45 km northeast of Bourgas. The complex includes two- and three store... read more
ChernomoretsChernomorets - 26/04/2007 - At 25 km south of Bourgas and 9 km from Sozopol is located the resort Chernomorets. The village has four beaches in combination with beautiful rocks. The humidity and the water temperature are high the whole summer. The... read more
PrimorskoPrimorsko - 25/04/2007 - The town of Primorsko is located 26 km to the south of Sozopol, 52 km to the south of Bourgas and 442 km to the southeast of Sofia. It lies on the Kjupria cape, jutting out between Stamopoulo Bay and the Diavolski (Dev... read more
RavdaRavda - 24/04/2007 - The resort village of Ravda lies 4 km south of the Sunny Beach resort, between the old town of Nessebar and Bourgas city. Numerous comfortable family hotels and villas have been constructed during the past years. Touris... read more
BourgasBourgas - 23/04/2007 - Bourgas is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria. Its population amounts to 210 000 residents. It is 390 km distant east from Sofia, 21 km south from Pomorie and 30 km northwest from Sozopol. It is situated in the western... read more
St. EliasSt. Elias - 20/04/2007 - St. Elias resort complex is situated in St. St. Konstantin and Elena sea resort, and is at a distance of 10 km from Varna and 19 km from the Varna airport. The resort lies on a beautiful park along trees and green. In 1... read more
KrapetsKrapets - 19/04/2007 - The village of Krapets is situated 10 km to the north of Shabla and 90 km northeast of Varna. The fishing village is situated on the seashore and is surrounded by fields and gardens. The coast is steep, the beach strip ... read more
ShablaShabla - 18/04/2007 - The town of Shabla is situated 80 km north of Varna, 20 km away from Kavarna, 18 km from Durankulak and 5 km from the Shabla cape at the Black sea. It arose as an ancient Thracian settlement during VI - V century BC. ... read more
Sunny DaySunny Day - 16/04/2007 - The Slunchev Den (Sunny Day) holiday complex is located on the sea coast, south of the complex St.St.Konstantin and Elena. It covers an area of 150 hectares. The whole complex is highly secured and tourists are allowed ... read more
KranevoKranevo - 13/04/2007 - Not far from the sea resort Albena, 24 km northeast of Varna and 42 km southeast of Dobrich is located the village of Kranevo, with a population of 746. There is regular bus transport from Balchik, Varna and Dobrich. Th... read more
RоussalkaRоussalka - 12/04/2007 - The resort of Roussalka is situated south of the Yailata area, 23 km from Shabla and 90 km northeast of Varna. Lying among the coolness of an age- old forest, it’s one of the beautiful north Bulgarian resorts. The coast... read more
Golden sandsGolden sands - 11/04/2007 - The world famous resort Golden sands is situated at a distance of 18 km from Varna. It is a modern and beautiful complex, situated in a natural park, preserved in its natural state and gaining the shore. Among this magn... read more
ByalaByala - 10/04/2007 - 59 km to the south of Varna is situated the health resort Byala, with a population of 2 300. In Ancient times it was known as a Hellenic colony, called Aspro. Proof to this are the ancient stone anchors, found on the se... read more
Holiday Club RivieraHoliday Club Riviera - 06/04/2007 - Riviera Holiday Club is situated 16 km northeast of Varna, and 25 km from the Varna airport. It borders on the most famous resort in the North Black Sea coast - Zlatni Piasatsi (Golden Sands). It was a former(pre-1989... read more
How to Buy a Property in BulgariaHow to Buy a Property in Bulgaria - 05/04/2007 - 1. After choosing the properties you like send an enquiry for more information. 2. Arrange your travel to Bulgaria. Inform the agent which properties you want to view, how long you have planned to stay – to be able to pl... read more
Three More Air Carriers Taking Off From New Sofia Airport TerminalThree More Air Carriers Taking Off From New Sofia Airport Terminal - 04/04/2007 - div h1 style="margin-bottom: 14.25pt; line-height: 38.25pt;"span style="font-size: 36pt; color: rgb(34, 30, 31); font-weight: normal;" /spanspan style="font-size: 32pt; color: rgb(34, 30, 31); font-weight: normal;"... read more
Russia, Greece and Bulgaria will sign an agreement next week to build an oil pipelineRussia, Greece and Bulgaria will sign an agreement next week to build an oil pipeline - 03/04/2007 - div p style="margin-bottom: 14.25pt; text-align: justify; line-height: 14.25pt;"span style="color: rgb(34, 30, 31);"The three governments will sign the deal on the pipeline running from the Bulgarian port of Bourgas to ... read more
British Interested in Bulgarian PropertiesBritish Interested in Bulgarian Properties - 02/04/2007 - Bulgarian property is a hot topic for many foreigners at the moment, but especially with those from the UK. There are two main reasons: firstly is the climate, nature and the cost of living; and second, the British are ... read more
Important about Bulgarian lawImportant about Bulgarian law - 30/03/2007 -   According to the Bulgarian law, embodied in the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Property Act and the Fore... read more
 Making the Right Investment – Lets talk money! Making the Right Investment – Lets talk money! - 29/03/2007 - The Bulgarian property market is the current investment hotspot and offers countless opportunities to any open-minded investor. According to the recent report released by the European Bank for Development and Reconstruct... read more
Two Applications Filed for Bansko Gas Distribution PermitTwo Applications Filed for Bansko Gas Distribution Permit - 28/03/2007 - div p style="margin-bottom: 14.25pt; text-align: justify; line-height: 14.25pt;"span style="color: rgb(34, 30, 31);"Local companies Overgas Inc. and Pirin Power have applied to be licensed to deploy a gas distribution n... read more
Bulgarians Prefer South Black Sea Coast For Their VacationBulgarians Prefer South Black Sea Coast For Their Vacation - 27/03/2007 - p align="left" style="margin-bottom: 18pt; text-align: left;"ispan style="font-size: 14pt; color: rgb(34, 30, 31);"Every second Bulgarian had a summer vacation on the Black Sea Coast in 2006 (58%). /span/i p align="left... read more
U.S. company to advise Gotse Delchev Airport projectU.S. company to advise Gotse Delchev Airport project - 26/03/2007 - div p style="margin-bottom: 14.25pt; text-align: justify; text-indent: 3pt; line-height: 14.25pt;"span style="color: rgb(34, 30, 31);"The airport is located 2km outside of Gotse Delchev and at a 35 min drive from the ... read more
Bulgaria Home Prices Outstrip ForecastsBulgaria Home Prices Outstrip Forecasts - 23/03/2007 - div p style="margin-bottom: 14.25pt; text-align: justify; line-height: 14.25pt;"span style="color: rgb(34, 30, 31);"Residential property prices rose 10-15% in January and February 2007, a growth rate previously expected... read more
Bulgaria will be one of the Turkey’s main competitors in the tourism sector in 2007.Bulgaria will be one of the Turkey’s main competitors in the tourism sector in 2007. - 21/03/2007 - p style="margin-bottom: 14.25pt; text-align: justify; line-height: 14.25pt;"span style="color: rgb(34, 30, 31);"Turkish tourism has three new competitors in 2007 in 2006, Referans said. In 2007 the country expects among ... read more
Bulgaria Joins World’s Biggest Tourist ExpoBulgaria Joins World’s Biggest Tourist Expo - 20/03/2007 - div span style="color: rgb(34, 30, 31);"About 11,000 exhibitors from 180 countries around the globe will be given the opportunity to present their goods and services in front of more than 16,000 visitors. /spandiv p... read more
Investors in Bulgaria Prefer OfficeInvestors in Bulgaria Prefer Office - 19/03/2007 - div p style="margin-bottom: 14.25pt; text-align: justify; line-height: 14.25pt;"span style="color: rgb(34, 30, 31);"Deals with office and trade sites in 2006 represented 83 per cent of all investments in real estate in... read more
Holiday Club RivieraHoliday Club Riviera - 16/03/2007 - Riviera Holiday Club is situated 16 km northeast of Varna, and 25 km from the Varna airport. It borders on the most famous resort in the North Black Sea coast - Zlatni Piasatsi (Golden Sands). It was a former(pre-1989... read more
BalchikBalchik - 15/03/2007 - At 17 km from Kavarna and 30 km north of Varna, is situated the Balchik city. One of the most beautiful cities on the Bulgarian Black sea coast, the city is situated amphitheatrically before the sea. The population is 1... read more
TuzlataTuzlata - 14/03/2007 - Tuzlata resort lies on the seashore and is 4 km to the east of Balchik. It is a well known mud-curing center with many thermal springs and a narrow but adequate for swimming beach strip. The water temperature is 33 de... read more
ObzorObzor - 13/03/2007 - The town of Obzor is situated at regular intervals between Varna and Bourgas and is 6 km to the south of the town of Byala. Its population is slightly over 2000 people. Obzor is one of the oldest Black Sea settlement... read more
AlbenaAlbena - 12/03/2007 - The Albena resort is located 12 km away from Balchik, 30 km away from Varna and 500 km north-east from Sofia. Albena is one of the most prestigious Bulgarian Black sea resorts. It’s situated near the Baltata reserve, wh... read more
St. Konstantin and ElenaSt. Konstantin and Elena - 09/03/2007 - The oldest resort along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast lies 8 km to the south of the Golden sands and 9 km northeast of Varna city. Its construction began in the year 1908. It is located on the territory of a large park ... read more
KamchiaKamchia - 08/03/2007 - 25 km to the south of the sea capital of Bulgaria, along the course of the Kamchia River is situated the complex of the same name. In the immediate vicinity of the Black Sea, this place is a rare combination of unique f... read more
VarnaVarna - 07/03/2007 - The city of Varna lies in the Bay of Varna and is one of the oldest Bulgarian cities. In the 6th century Greek colonists from Millet first inhabited the area and gave it the name of Odessos. During the Roman times it wa... read more
Monastery of BatoshevoMonastery of Batoshevo - 06/03/2007 - span class="text" The "Uspenie na Presveta Bogoroditsa" Monastery of Batoshevo lies 4 km to the southwest of the Batoshevo village and 20 km to the south of Sevlievo. According to the discovered stone inscript... read more
Monastery of KilifarevoMonastery of Kilifarevo - 05/03/2007 - span class="text" The "Rojdestvo Bogorodichno" (Virgin Mary's Birth) Monastery of Kilifarevo is situated 4 km south of Kilifarevo, and 17 km south of Veliko Tarnovo, in the right side of the Belitsa River. The... read more
Dryanovo MonasteryDryanovo Monastery - 01/03/2007 - span class="text" The historical St. Archangel Mihael Monastery of Dryanovo is situated in the beautiful Dryanovo River valley, 4 km of the town of Dryanovo. It was built in the 12th century during the Second Bulgarian S... read more
The Russian churchThe Russian church - 28/02/2007 - span class="text" The temple is located in the beginning of the pass of Shipka, near to the village of Shipka, in the southern sides of the Balkan range. It is designed by the Russian architect A.I.Tomishko in memory of ... read more
The Transfiguration MonasteryThe Transfiguration Monastery - 27/02/2007 - span class="text" The monastery is situated at the foot of Beliakovski skali (rocks of Belyakovo), on the left side of the Yantra river. It is one of the remarkable Bulgarian architectural monuments and is located 7 km n... read more
Monastery of KapinovoMonastery of Kapinovo - 26/02/2007 - span class="text" The "St. Nikola" Monastery of Kapinovo lies at the foot of the Elena Balkan, near the Vesselina river. This is one of the biggest monasteries in Bulgaria and is an interesting monument of arch... read more
Bachkovo MonasteryBachkovo Monastery - 23/02/2007 - span class="text" The Bachkovo Monastery is the second largest one in Bulgaria; it’s situated in the Rhodope Mountains, among the Chepelarska River valley. Surrounded by high rocky peaks, the monastery is located 1km fro... read more
Monastery of LyaskovetsMonastery of Lyaskovets - 22/02/2007 - span class="text" The monastery is located very close to the town of Lyaskovets, built on the rocks at the east end of Arbanassi plateau. It stands at 440 meters altitude and is located 6 km northeast of Veliko Tarnovo a... read more
Monastery of PlakovoMonastery of Plakovo - 21/02/2007 - span class="text" The "St. Prophet Ilya" Monastery of Plakovo lies in the north part of the Balkan range, close to the village of Plakovo, 18km south of Veliko Tarnovo. According to legends, in the past, Tsar I... read more
Monastery of CherepishMonastery of Cherepish - 20/02/2007 - span class="text" The "Uspenie Bogorodichno" (The Holy Mother) Monastery of Cherepish is situated in the beautiful gorge of the Iskar River in the Balkan Mountain. It is located 29 km southeast of Vratsa near t... read more
Glozhene MonasteryGlozhene Monastery - 19/02/2007 - span class="text" The Glozhene Monastery lies 3 km southwest of the Glozhen village and 13km southeast of Yablanitsa. Usually monasteries tuck away in the mountain’s recesses. However, Glozhene Monastery is perched on a... read more
Besarbovo rock MonasteryBesarbovo rock Monastery - 16/02/2007 - span class="text" The Monastery of Besarboov is situated in the Rusenski Lom river valley, not far away from the Besarbovo village. According to the legend, Dimitrii Besarbovski, a monk in the monastery, died and appea... read more
Patriarch MonasteryPatriarch Monastery - 15/02/2007 - span class="text" The Monastery of "St. Troitsa" (Holy Trinity), known as the Patriarch Monastery is tucked away at the foot of the vertical rocks, in the gorge of the Yantra River, around 10 km of the Old Bulg... read more
Monastery of TroyanMonastery of Troyan - 14/02/2007 - span class="text" The "Uspenie Bogorodichno" (The Holy Mother) Monastery of Troyan (400 m) is situated in the Cherni Osam riverbank, in the north slopes of the Balkan range. It is the third biggest monastery in... read more
Aladzha MonasteryAladzha Monastery - 13/02/2007 - span class="text" The Aladzha Monastery lies 14 km of Varna in a beautiful place, into the rocks. In Turkish its name means ”varicolored” because of the gay mural paintings. This unique monument is hewed out in 40m high ... read more
Monastery of CherepishMonastery of Cherepish - 12/02/2007 - span class="text" The "Uspenie Bogorodichno" (The Holy Mother) Monastery of Cherepish is situated in the beautiful gorge of the Iskar River in the Balkan Mountain. It is located 29 km southeast of Vratsa near t... read more
Monastery of RojhenMonastery of Rojhen - 09/02/2007 - span class="text" The "Rojdestvo Bogorodichno" (Virgin Mary's Birth) Monastery of Rojhen is situated south of the village of Rojen, in Pirin Mountains. The monastery was founded in the 13th century and is among... read more
Monastery of SokolovoMonastery of Sokolovo - 08/02/2007 - span class="text" The "Uspenie Bogorodichno" (The Assumption) Monastery of Sokolovo lies on the upper course of the Yantra River, high in the north slopes of the Balkan range. It’s situated in the area of the ... read more
Ivanovo rock MonasteryIvanovo rock Monastery - 07/02/2007 - span class="text" 21km southwest of Russe, near the Ivanovo village, high in the vertical rocks above the Rusenski Lom river, churches and monk cells were built as far as back in the 12th century. By this time, there wer... read more
Kaliakra capeKaliakra cape - 06/02/2007 - span class="text" The Kaliakra cape is 12 km east of Kavarna and 60 km in northeast of Varna. It is the most beautiful and the strangest place in the Bulgarian northern Black Sea. The narrow rocky peninsula is cutting 2 ... read more
DevilDevil's throat cave - 05/02/2007 - span class="text" One of the phenomenons in the Rhodope Mountains is the Trigradsko jdrelo where is located a cave called Dyavolsko Gurlo (The Devil's Throat). The cave is 1, 2 km of the village of Trigrad and has formed... read more
Stone ForestStone Forest - 04/02/2007 - span class="text" The remarkable stone columns, well known as Pobitite kamani, are unique geological phenomenon. They are 18 km in west of Varna, on the land of the villages of Slanchevo, Banovo, Strashimirovo, Beloslav ... read more
Trigrad GorgeTrigrad Gorge - 03/02/2007 - span class="text" The impressive Trigrad Gorge is situated south of Devin, 1.2 km of the Trigrad village, near the Trigrad river valley in the Rhodope Mountains. It stands 1450 m above sea level, its total length is 7 km... read more
Saeva Dupka caveSaeva Dupka cave - 02/02/2007 - span class="text" The Saeva Dupka cave is situated 11 km west of Yablanitsa and 2 km south of the Brestnitsa village, on the highways Sofia - Varna. Saeva dupka is around 3.5 million years old. It’s called the undergrou... read more
Belogradchik RocksBelogradchik Rocks - 01/02/2007 - span class="text" These are beautiful rocks situated at the foot of West Balkan range. It’s 185 km of the capital Sofia, and 65 km of the city of Montana. It covers a large area of about 80 square kilometers not far away... read more
SilistarSilistar - 31/01/2007 - span class="text" 5 km south of the Sinemorets village, on the road to Rezovo village, is situated the last beach strip before the Bulgarian boarder with Turkey. A 1 km long black road, winding about a forest, leads to... read more
The Rose ValleyThe Rose Valley - 30/01/2007 - span class="text" "The Rose valley" is situated between the Balkan Mountains and Sredna Gora. The valley has specific climate - mild and short winter, and warm and long spring. Roses need dampness and warmness;... read more
RopotamoRopotamo - 29/01/2007 - span class="text" 12 km south of Sozopol is situated the Ropotamo reserve. It covers a territory of 1000 hectares on the two banks of the Ropotamo River. It is not along river, the splendid dense forest and the water-lil... read more
Kamen BryagKamen Bryag - 26/01/2007 - span class="text" Between Shabla and Kavarna is situated the Yailata area, well known as Kamen bryag (Stone shore). Here the plateau of Dobrudza is indented in terraces. In this way were formed many creeks, surrounded by... read more
The Wonderful bridgesThe Wonderful bridges - 25/01/2007 - span class="text" Chudnite mostove (The Wonderful Bridges) is a unique rocky phenomenon situated in the Central Rhodope Mountains, on the Aidarsko dere River. It occupies an area of 40.3 hectares and lies 80 km south of ... read more
SrebarnaSrebarna - 24/01/2007 - span class="text" It is a biosphere reserve, including both the Srebarna Lake and the area around it. Srebarna is situated near to the village of Srebarna and is 15 km west of the town of Silistra. The depth of the lake ... read more
The Paradise waterfallThe Paradise waterfall - 23/01/2007 - span class="text" The total number of the bigger Bulgarian waterfalls is about 300. The highest one is Raysko praskalo (the Paradise waterfall), which is located in the northern part on the massif of Botev peak in the Ba... read more
The Landscape ElephantThe Landscape Elephant - 22/01/2007 - span class="text" The natural landmark of Slona (The Elephant) is situated on the Shiroka laka riverside, in the Rhodopes, and is 4 km of the Devin town, near to the village of Nestan. It represents a rock formation, bea... read more
Bacho Kiro caveBacho Kiro cave - 20/01/2007 - span class="text" The Bacho Kiro cave is situated near the Dryanovo Monastery, in the canyon derived from both the Anduka River and the Dryanovo River. It is located 30km from Veliko Tarnovo and 4km from Dryanovo. It is... read more
TauklimanTaukliman - 19/01/2007 - span class="text" The Taukliman reserve (Birds' Bay in Turkish) still known as the Bird bay is situated 15 km east of Kavarna and 60 km of Varna. It is famous for its magnificent small beaches, warm mineral water, and nu... read more
Polska Skakavitsa WaterfallPolska Skakavitsa Waterfall - 17/01/2007 - span class="text" The waterfall of Polska skakavitsa is situated in the Zemen Mountain, not far away from the town of Zemen and the village of Razhdavitsa. It stands at 700 m altitude and is 80 km away from the Bulgarian... read more
The Balchik Botanical garden and palaceThe Balchik Botanical garden and palace - 16/01/2007 - span class="text" The botanical garden of Balchik is situated in the former summer residence in the palace of the Romanian Queen Maria. The garden covers an area of 65 decares. Numerous rare exotic plant and tree species... read more
Thracian Tomb KazanlukThracian Tomb Kazanluk - 15/01/2007 - span class="text" Thracian Tomb is situated in the town of Kazanlak and it was discovered accidentally under a huge mound in 1944. It comprises camera in the form of beehives, with height 3.25 m and diameter of 2.65 m an... read more
PliskaPliska - 14/01/2007 - span class="text" 2km of the modern town of Pliska is situated an archeological reserve, representing the face of the first Bulgarian capital. By the end of the 17th century, proto- Bulgarian tribe, leaded by Khan Asp... read more
ChervenCherven - 13/01/2007 - span class="text" The archeological reserve "Medieval town of Cherven" is situated near to the village of Cherven and is only 32 km in south of the city of Rousse, on the road to the town of Dve mogili. It is t... read more
StaroselStarosel - 12/01/2007 - span class="text" The village of Starosel is situated in the territory of the Hissar Municipality, near to the Karlovo town, in the country of Oreshaka. In the year 2000, archeologists discovered the largest Thracian tem... read more
The Madara riderThe Madara rider - 11/01/2007 - span class="text" This is situated 1.5 km east of the Madara village. This is a Medieval stone relief located at 23 meters of height on a vertical rock of the Madara plateau. This is the only monument in Europe declared ... read more
Baba VidaBaba Vida - 10/01/2007 - span class="text" The Baba Vida Medieval fortress is situated in the town of Vidin, on the Danube riverside. It is the best preserved fortress all over Bulgaria from the Medieval period. The Roman fortress, called "... read more
Veliki PreslavVeliki Preslav - 09/01/2007 - span class="text" Veliki Preslav is situated in the the Kamchya River valley, near the exit of the passage of Varbitsa in the Balkan range. It's located 20 km of Shoumen and has 13 700 residents. 2 km to the south of th... read more
ShipkaShipka - 08/01/2007 - span class="text" The "Shipka" Monument of Liberty is located in the "Shipka" national museum - park on the ridge of the Balkan Mountains and is 18 km away from Gabrovo. The most decisive battle of Sh... read more
SmolyanSmolyan - 05/01/2007 - The marvellous town of Smolyan occupies the narrow gorge of the Cherna River in the East Rhodope Mountains. It has 34 000 residents and lies 12 km from the Pamporovo resort, 45 km from Devin, 102 km from Plovdiv and 260... read more
HolidaysHolidays - 04/01/2007 - table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" border="0" align="center"tbodytrtd class="text"span class="bold"Holidays and traditions/span The change from the end of 1989 have reflected on the Bulgarian customs. It... read more
Food and drinkFood and drink - 03/01/2007 - span class="bold"Food & Drinks/span Food: Bulgarian meal is more than excellent and traditionally starts with cold entrees, a soup or a salad with rakia (Bulgarian traditional drink). Chips became traditional garnis... read more
Flora and FaunaFlora and Fauna - 29/12/2006 - table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" border="0" align="center"tbodytrtd class="text"span class="bold"Flora/span In comparison with the most European countries, Bulgaria has а great variety of animal ... read more
ClimateClimate - 28/12/2006 - The average temperature in summer is 23 degrees. Extremely high temperatures are rare. Duration of sun shining is just like in Greece - about 2500 hours per year. In summer there are brief scattered showers, and June is ... read more
ReliefRelief - 27/12/2006 - Bulgaria is situated in the eastern part of Europe. Its maximum length from west to east is 520 km, and from north to south - 330 km. Bulgaria shares borders with Romania to north, with Macedonia and Serbia to west, wit... read more
Policy linePolicy line - 22/12/2006 - img width="2" border="0" src="" /In 1989 began complete reorientation of the society. The main purpose was approaching western state models and now it has been already completed. Bulg... read more
EconomyEconomy - 21/12/2006 - After the collapse of socialism in 1989, the march to market economic structure leaded the unstable economy to collapse. On the way to international competitive power taken with privatization, is obstacle by insufficien... read more
Culture and customsCulture and customs - 20/12/2006 - Bulgaria has an impressive common heritage. More than 10 000 Thracian mounds have been found. They represent various examples of the ancient culture- ordinary tombs, funeral cameras, complexes with one entrance (dromos)... read more
Population of BulgariaPopulation of Bulgaria - 18/12/2006 - 7, 54 million people, concentrated mainly in the largest cities. Density of population: 71 people to km square.Orthodox Church: more than 60% of the Bulgarian population is Bulgarian Orthodox. Bulgarian church history i... read more
Bulgarian HistoryBulgarian History - 15/12/2006 - # 4 century B.C.: Thracian tribes settled in the Balkan Peninsula.# 7 century B.C.: Greeks founded the first Black Sea colonies: Odesos (Varna), Mesembrya (Nessebar), Dionisopolis (Balchik)# 5/4 century B.C.: Growth of t... read more
BulgariaBulgaria - 11/12/2006 - Short description# Total area: 110 994 km 2# Situation: southeastern part of Europe, the Balkan peninsula, capital: Sofia (population: 1 350 000)# Cities: Plovdiv (339 000 people), Varna (325 000 people), Bourgas (210 0... read more
Rila MonasteryRila Monastery - 09/12/2006 - This is the biggest Bulgarian architectural monument and the biggest religious center in Bulgaria. It’s situated in the northwest part of Rila Mountains and stands 1150 meters above sea level. It’s built near the mounta... read more
BulgariaBulgaria's Real Estate Market Marks Europe's Highest Growth - 05/12/2006 - Bulgaria’s growing property market has experienced yet another record breaking year of investment, reported, managed by a group of property investment companies delivering selected UK and overseas prope... read more
SandanskiSandanski - 01/12/2006 - The town of Sandanski is a resort situated in the west slopes of the Pirin Mountains, along the mouth of Sandanska Bistritsa River and stands at 225 m altitude.It’s famous for its unique climate and its thermal springs.... read more
Museum towns - ElenaMuseum towns - Elena - 25/11/2006 - The town of Elena is situated in the beautiful Elena valley, in the eastern part of the middle Balkan range. The population amounts to 7400 residents. It’s located 37 km away from Veliko Tarnovo, 280 km away from the cap... read more
BatakBatak - 19/11/2006 - Batak is 1040 m elevated above sea level and is situated in the valley of the Stara reka, on the sides of the Batak Mountains in the western Rhodope Mountains. Its population is about 4000 people and the town is 35 km di... read more
VelingradVelingrad - 16/11/2006 - Velingrad is situated in the West Rhodope Mountains, on the Chepin hollow. The town stands 800 meters above sea level and is bordered by the hills of Alabak and Karkaria. The population is about 26500 people. Velingrad i... read more
High capital return from investment in real estates in SofiaHigh capital return from investment in real estates in Sofia - 13/11/2006 - p class="MsoNormal"span lang="EN-US"The economic stability and significantly lower real estate prices in our country, compared to those in the countries in Western and Central Europe are the two main factors which make... read more
Pamporovo-the pearl of the Bulgarian ski resortsPamporovo-the pearl of the Bulgarian ski resorts - 10/11/2006 -  Welcome to the beautiful and hospitable Rhodope Mountains. Since ancient times they have been a source of legends and stories told through the centuries. Pamporovo, the pearl of the Bulgarian mountain resorts, nests in ... read more
Visits to Bulgaria - VarnaVisits to Bulgaria - Varna - 09/11/2006 - span style="font-weight: bold;"Varna/span is Bulgaria's Sea Capital. The gem of the Bulgarian Black Sea is situated at the end of the big Varna Bay, with a convenient and well conserved water area a port wich in years ha... read more
Rodopi mountains - the home of OrpheusRodopi mountains - the home of Orpheus - 06/11/2006 - Rodopi is a mountain range in Bulgaria and Greece. The mountain is the most huge mountain range in Bulgaria and the loan around one seventh part from the bulgarian territory . Her footage is approximately 220-240 km, but... read more
Bansko-guaranteed snow and beautiful weatherBansko-guaranteed snow and beautiful weather - 03/11/2006 - Surrounded by the Pirin, Rila and Rhodopi mountains, Bansko is a climatic mountain resort with a short hot summer and long mild winter. The average temperature during January, the coldest month, is - 1.9C. Snow falls are... read more
Reasons to choose Bulgaria ski resortsReasons to choose Bulgaria ski resorts - 30/10/2006 - span style="font-weight: bold;"Comfortable hotels and modern facilities/spanBulgarian ski resort hotels rank among the best in the entire country. Restaurants are of high standards and free shuttle services to the ski ru... read more
PerperikonPerperikon - 29/10/2006 - Perperikon is a sanctuary rising high on a rocky peak at 470 m of height. It is situated in the eastern part of the Rhodope Mountains and is 15 km away from the town of Kardjaly. In its foot is the village of Gorna krepo... read more
About the Reserve of RopotamoAbout the Reserve of Ropotamo - 28/10/2006 - There are 98 reserves at the territory of Bulgaria, 17 of them are inhabited by different animal species. The most beautiful reserves can be seen in the Rila mountain, Stara planina mountain, Rhodopes, Strandja.The rese... read more
KavarnaKavarna - 27/10/2006 - span style="font-weight: bold;"Kavarna/span is a town located in the south part of the Dobrudja Plateau, in the north part of Bulgarian Black sea coast. It is 64 km. away from Varna and 49 km. away from Dobrich, on the m... read more
Resort Complex “Kamchiq”Resort Complex “Kamchiq” - 26/10/2006 - font size="2" style="font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"25 km. away from the sea capital of Bulgaria – Varna is located a marvelous place, with a rare complex of woods, river and sea. This unique nature is named K... read more
Super Borovets - start of the constructionSuper Borovets - start of the construction - 21/10/2006 - font size="2"span style="font-family: times new roman,times,serif;"/span/fonth4 style="font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"font size="2" style="font-weight: normal;"The project is roughly assessed to cost 600 milli... read more
Mini-Bulgaria will be built near the Black SeaMini-Bulgaria will be built near the Black Sea - 19/10/2006 - 50 minimized copies of the most important culturally – historical monuments will be located over 1000 decares near the sea. This was announced by the author of the idea Vanko Ivanov, who is the manager of a Plovdiv’s to... read more
Buying property in BulgariaBuying property in Bulgaria - 18/10/2006 - font size="2"span style="font-family: times new roman,times,serif;"/span/fontp style="font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"font face="tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif"There is no doubt that real estate in Bulgaria ... read more
Bulgaria the place to be and the place to buyBulgaria the place to be and the place to buy - 17/10/2006 - Identified some three years ago by the New York Times as a sleeping beauty about to rouse herself, Bulgaria is now very much awake to her potential. With an economic climate attracting property investment from all corner... read more
Fun, good drink, great food, interesting places, pretty ladies.Fun, good drink, great food, interesting places, pretty ladies. - 16/10/2006 - A great place to go: Plovdiv! Once you're here, just follow thecrowds and you'll find yourself in the midst of great convivialBulgarian hospitality ... excellent food and drinks, lively music,beautiful girls and ... well... read more
The Best Beach Resorts in BulgariaThe Best Beach Resorts in Bulgaria - 14/10/2006 - The Bulgarian Black sea coast is about 400 kilometers long with large and small resorts. Sun-seekers have a wealth of choices for accommodation. Most of the hotels are privately run and maintain Western standards of heal... read more
Bulgaria offers very attractive property investment opportunitiesBulgaria offers very attractive property investment opportunities - 13/10/2006 - A cultural treasure trove stuffed to bursting with the ancient monasteries, churches, mosques and Roman and Byzantine ruins, and located in the very heart of the Balkan Peninsula is Bulgaria. Since its escape from the yo... read more
A guide to live in BulgariaA guide to live in Bulgaria - 12/10/2006 - More and more expatriates are attracted to Bulgaria each year.These expatriates are drawn by the climate, the safe sandy beaches, the incredibly low cost of living and low prices generally, the historical heritage that B... read more
EU - green light for Bulgaria to join in January 2007EU - green light for Bulgaria to join in January 2007 - 11/10/2006 - The European Commission (EC) has invited Bulgaria to take on rights as a full fledged member on 1 January 2007 (Romania was also accepted). “They deserve a warm welcome”, Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn said presentin... read more
Ministry of transport and communications opened the offers for the projectMinistry of transport and communications opened the offers for the project - 10/10/2006 - span style="FONT-STYLE: italic" /spanThe ministry of transport and communications opened the offers for the project and construction of the Danube Bridge 2, quoted a reporter of BGNES.236 million euro are planned for the... read more
800 000 tourists to visit Bansko800 000 tourists to visit Bansko - 10/10/2006 - More than 800 000 tourists would visit Bulgaria's ski resort of Bansko, Bansko mayor Aleksandar Kravarov told Focus news agency.All ski infrastructure is being rehabilitated and repaired, Kravarov said.The biathlon range... read more
Golf complexesGolf complexes - 09/10/2006 - Bulgaria has turned out to be one of the most attractive countries for the investing in real estates. In the beginning the hit among Englishmen, Irishmen and Germans were the typical Bulgarian houses in small villages. T... read more
Property prices in Plovdiv have reached those in BourgasProperty prices in Plovdiv have reached those in Bourgas - 09/10/2006 - The attention of the prevailing number of investors in real estates is focused on Sofia. The reasons for this are intensive construction work of residential, office and commercial buildings and the migration towards the ... read more
Bulgaria in EUBulgaria in EU - 27/09/2006 - Bulgaria in EU - Correct, Reliable, Predictable On EU Doorstep: 26 September 2006, Tuesday. Bulgaria will be a correct, reliable and predictable EU member state, Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev said in an address to Bulg... read more
EU Gives Green Light for BulgariaEU Gives Green Light for Bulgaria - 27/09/2006 - EU Gives Green Light for Bulgaria, Romania to Join in January 2007 Dimitris Kourkoulas, Head of the EC Delegation to Bulgaria, beaming in Sofia with the report. Photo by Yuliana Nikolova (Sofia Photo Agency) | buy photo ... read more
Lack of attractive investors in PlevenLack of attractive investors in Pleven - 22/09/2006 - span style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold"/spanspan style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold"/spanThe development of the real estate market in Bulgaria started nearly 10 years ago, when the process of gradual renewal of the housing stock began. Fir... read more
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